• We’re looking for snowballs this summer in Sacramento! Moving Planet: Sacramento has some totally rad events leading up to September 24th, the 350.org-declared day to move away from fossil fuels. Although we are starting small this year, we are looking forward to exponential growth in climate-friendly lifestyle changes and political action in the future. Here’s a breakdown of what’s going down for Moving Planet: Sacramento 2011:

    - This is a great way to try out small lifestyle changes that can make a big impact on reducing your carbon footprint. All you have to do is choose one or more “challenges” from our list [which will soon be up on our website] or create your own, then make a pledge to commit to those changes from Sept 1st to Sept 24th!
    - And we definitely want to see what kind of progress you all make, so we’ve created a Tumblr account in which you can post text, photo, and video updates of your challenge progress. No need to sign up, either! Super easy, and if you have any questions, just ask us at http://sac-movingplanet.tumblr.com/ask
    - Then, on Sept 24th, we’ll have a big potluck celebration, so please bring dishes made with local and/or organic food! It’s kind of like a final challenge… Are you up to it? ;)

    - We want to help you meet others who are also interested or already active in reducing our carbon footprints, ultimately helping ourselves, the environment, and future generations. To facilitate creating those networks of friends, family, neighbors, etc., we’re going to have “meet-ups” in which we’ll show films, videos, and have activities and discussions relevant to being informed and taking local action on the climate crisis! Everyone is welcome! If you don’t know much, come to learn! If you know a lot, share your knowledge!

    And don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

    **Please sign up for our FIRST MEET-UP! Click on the link below, check the dates you’re available, then click save. Once we have a good amount of sign-ups, we’ll choose the most popular date and go from there.


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